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DesireDriven - One of The Many

The text and inspiration are by a song I heard recently.As for the text,it can translate as:

And I wanted,if either way I was being born
to be born(made) not a human,but a rock.
And not because I’m scared of humans,not only that..
I’m not afraid of what they are -
skin,blood,bones,muscles and teeth,
but I’m scared of what they feel -
sadness,loneliness,love and happiness,
I didn’t want any of it,but I got just that
And to add to it
My friend God gave me a heart.

“Fill it - he said - with whatever feelings you want
or leave it empty if thats what you want.
Whatever you do,it will be a mistake,
you will feel terrible and I’ll be happy!
Cheers,right you bastard? Cheers!
You somehow will manage it.” Слави и Ку-Ку Бенд


I’m sorry for the DesireDriven spam..but I cant help myself,it’s just this awesome.I was kind of inspired to draw this due to Naz’s chat with Shou,if I’m not mistaken she stated(joked) that “they are not humans” to be “friends”? @-@ correct me if I’m wrong.

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